Tony Goldsmith’s Favorite Photos from 2016

Last year we covered a lot of motorcycle racing, and at many of those events Tony Goldsmith was the man swinging a lens for Asphalt & Rubber. We asked Tony to share some of his favorite snaps from 2016. We hope you enjoy them. -JB As we look forward to […]

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Trackside Tuesday: The Curse of Macau

My journey to Macau for the 50th Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix didn’t get off to the best of starts. I had just boarded my flight from Madrid to London, and discovered my tablet and laptop were missing from my bag. After a few moments of panic, I came to the […]

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In 1952, LIFE magazine assigned photographer Philippe Halsman to shoot Marilyn Monroe in her tiny Hollywood studio apartment. The resulting cover photo (at the end of this post) pushed her over the top, giving her immediate superstar status, and 20th Century Fox jumped to sweeten her existing multi-year contract to keep their starlet happy. “I drove […]

Custom BMW R1200S by Cafe Racer Dreams

Custom BMW R1200S by Cafe Racer Dreams

Spanish customizer “Cafe Racer Dreams” is a cool custom built-bike in the “military” style. As a donor, they used sports tour BMW R1200S, which is a very interesting machine: a sportbike with a shaft drive, and retained the classic Paralever single-sided swingarm.

It is worth noted that BMW R1200S is not the easiest donor, but the Spaniards managed to make it into a really cool bike. In addition, Pedro Garcia and Efraon Triana have managed to retain most of the design features of R1200S, giving the bike a completely new design. However, they have also improved the ride quality of the bike, setting the adjustable shock absorbers Öhlins.

Remaining parts of the project:

Fuel tank: special pad, military design
Lighting: in the style of BMW (big and small headlights), but in a more classic style
Engine: repainted in black
Exhaust system: SuperTrapp
Tires: Metzeler Karoo 3
Saddle: is covered in green cloth
Frame: new stretcher

Custom BMW R1200S Light Pictures

Custom BMW R1200S Logo

Custom BMW R1200S Meter

Custom BMW R1200S on stand

Custom BMW R1200S seat

Custom BMW R1200S shocks


Custom BMW R1200S Break

Custom BMW R1200S front light

Red Hot Chile Cocktails

Just about every cuisine in the world, from Mexican to Italian to Thai, uses chile peppers. There’s a rainbow of varieties out there that chefs utilize to the fullest, but some mixologists have been slow to embrace the full spectrum of the fiery fruits. (Yes, fruits: Peppers are classified botanically as berries.)

In order to spark some creativity, we tracked down a few tasty drink recipes calling for chiles you don’t usually see in cocktails.




Prolific Los Angeles bartender Julian Cox has created menus for an array of watering holes, and his list for modern Mexican restaurant Rivera is full of chiles, along with tequila and mezcal. And Rivera’s signature drink, the Barbacoa, muddles together both mild bell pepper and pureed chipotle, which is actually a dried and smoked jalapeño. Ginger syrup and a beef jerky garnish emphasize the cocktail’s mix of sweet and savory.


Another place where pepper-based drinks hold sway is, of course, the Southwest. Albuquerque taqueria Zacatecas Tacos & Tequila infuses tequila with a combination of fresh and roasted poblanos to create the Chalchihuitl, a tipple named after the Aztec word for turquoise. The formula is the same as the classic Margarita, but the charred and spicy flavor from the chile make it something altogether new.


And chile-heads who like to get creative should definitely check out Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur. This spirit, now rolling out across the US, is based on a 1920s recipe from the town of Puebla in central Mexico and offers a beautiful balance between sweet and spicy. It’s surprisingly versatile, able to replace the base spirit in standards like the Mojito, Paloma or Daiquiri or to serve as an intriguing component of an original creation. In the Estridentista, it’s part of a stirred elixir with elderflower liqueur and dry vermouth.

Try one of these deliciously different cocktails and you’ll agree that expanding your pepper horizon is a good idea.

The Netherlands: Woow! Is That All The Dutch Motorcycle Police?

Dutch Motorcycle Police Line up 201303
The Netherlands flag

#TheNetherlands #Police – For such as small country, you’d think that this is all the Dutch motorcycle police in one spot.

That’s a lot of police bikes!

Custom Electric Baker by Brad Baker

Custom Electric Chopper Pictures

Fans of classic choppers may be furious, but at the Motor Show “One Motorcycle” (OMS) was presented incredible electric chopper “Baker” with quite worthy design. It’s built by Brad Baker, co-founder of “Works Electric”.

Brad has a lot of experience to built electric motorcycles, and each time he makes more great stories. “Baker” is an electric custom chopper, which was made for a special rigid frame. Front suspension is set like “Springer”, while a leather saddle emphasizes classical component design bike.

The bike is powered by a 6.12-kWh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which is full recharge from 1.1 -kW charger and it takes only 6 hours. Batteries nourish 70-hp electric motor that develops 115 Nm of torque. If desired, Brad Baker can install a larger power unit, if the maximum speed of 170 km / h seems not big enough. For example, Brad proposes to build a 120 – strong unit that will reach speeds of 225 km / h.

Custom Baker estimated price is $ 25 000.

Custom Electric Chopper by Brad Baker

Custom Electric Chopper engine

Custom Electric Chopper on stand

Custom Electric Chopper seat and upper side

Custom Electric Baker by Brad Baker

Custom Electric Baker by Brad Baker Photos

Custom Electric Baker Pictures

Ducati Multistrada D-Air steps ahead with rider safety

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Ducati have announced the new Multistrada D-Air, which is the first production motorcycles that features a fully integrated wireless system that connects to Dainese airbag jackets – a significant step ahead in motorcycle rider safety.

Sensors built into the Multistrada’s electronics constantly monitor the bike’s dynamics and, when subjected to what Ducati call “a genuine accident scenario,” the D-Air system triggers airbag deployment for both rider and passenger jackets in just 45 milliseconds, thereby considerably reducing the risk of injury upon impact.

Developed by Ducati in collaboration with Dainese, the Multistrada’s D-Air safety system complements the bike’s ABS and traction control technologies, making motorcycling safer than ever before. We hope the D-Air system will also find its way to other motorcycles sometime soon.

In the meanwhile, the Ducati Multistrada D-Air will be available in European Ducati Dealerships from May 2014 onwards.


Pennsylvania born & bred, and true salt of the earth guys, Dave & Mike Stampler are the brothers behind Norman Porter Co. I reached out last year, asking if I could come down and see their Philly workshop. I was greeted with genuine smiles, a firm handshake, and a ton of passion for their craft. […]

Honda NM4 Vultus: Mad Max meets Blade Runner

The Honda NM4 Vultus, because Honda are big enough to be able to do this without it having to make any sense

In what seems to be a Mad Max-meets-Blade Runner moment, Honda have unveiled the NM4 Vultus. “An identity not bound by standard motorcycle design, with strong echoes of futuristic bikes seen in Japanese movies. Created by a young design team, the NM4 Vultus brings radical style to the streets, with function from the future for a new breed of rider,” says a press release from Honda.

Created by a bunch of Honda designers in their 20s and early-30s, the NM4 Vultus has apparently been built to attract a new kind of rider, who may or may not know or care about things like the engine and the chassis, but who might be captivated by the NM4’s styling and its sheer cool. “Honda is a big company. It’s great that sometimes we make a certain machine simply because we can and because we want to, not because we should,” says Keita Mikura, project leader for the Vultus.

So what’s unique about the Vultus? Well, apart from the styling, it’s probably the digital dashboard that changes colour according to the riding mode selected, LED lights, an adjustable, multi-position flip-up pillion seat that also acts as a backrest for the rider, and a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) that can also be operated in fully automatic, sport, and manual modes.

The NM4 is fitted with a 745cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 8-valve, SOHC twin-cylinder engine that produces 54 horsepower and 68Nm of torque, and delivers 28km/l in terms of fuel efficiency. The Vultus rides on 18-inch (front) and 17-inch (rear) wheels, with a 43mm telescopic fork up front and Honda’s Pro-Link monoshock setup at the back. The rear tyre is a 200-section item, and a 320mm brake disc (front) with twin-piston caliper handles stopping chores. ABS is standard, of course. With its kerb weight figure of 245 kilos, the Vultus is a bit porky, though you can have it in whatever colour you want, as long as it’s matt black.

Does the Vultus make any sense whatsoever? Well, it doesn’t have to! Like Keita Mikura says, Honda are big enough to do whatever the hell they want to, and that they can build a bike just because they want to. And isn’t that, cool?