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What a man does
When all his blood,
The blood he never passed on,
Makes a thundering call
Past history into his
Final moments above
The cool, brown Autumn turf
He failed to water.

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Well she was an American girl Raised on promises She couldn’t help thinkin’ that there Was a little more to life Somewhere else After all it was a great big world With lots of places to run to Yeah, an d if she had to die Tryin’ she had one little promise She was gonna […]


A triskelion shape was used in the design of RCA’s “Spider” 45 rpm adapter, a popular plastic adapter for vinyl records, which allows larger center-holed 45 rpm records (commonly used on 7″ singles and EPs) to spin on players designed for smaller center-holed 33-1/3 rpm records (the standard for 10″ and 12″ LPs).  The design was […]


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