Incredible Honda CBN400 by Ed Turner Motorcycles

Honda CBN400 by Ed Turner Motorcycles

Unconventional custom built Honda CBN400 is built by French customizer Karl from the workshop “Ed Turner” Motorcycles. In the entire history of Honda produced many modifications models of Honda CB400, while CBN400 is quite rare. Motorcycle packaged with 395-cc three-valve engine (SOHC) and 5-speed gearbox.

At the time, Honda CB400 motorcycles were quite popular and sold very well. They had brand reliability and low operating costs, so the Japanese manufacturer released data motorcycles for years. Now mostly motorcycles of CB-series make them ideal for custom-built bikes.

Custom Honda CBN400 is introduced in photographs that is somewhere between a cafe racer and supermoto. Karl set polished fork Homda CBR, 17-inch wheels of supermoto, remade subframe, cleaned original rear shocks, lengthened pendulum made a new wiring harness and installed low-profile fuel tank.

Honda CBN400 Front Light

Honda CBN400 Handle and Fuel Tank

Honda CBN400 LOGO

Honda CBN400 Seat

Honda CBN400 Shocks and Front Wheel

Honda CBN400 Silencer and Back Light

Josh’s Board Tracker

Josh’s Board Tracker

‘14 Yamaha Star Bolt – Hageman Motorcycles

‘14 Yamaha Star Bolt – Hageman Motorcycles

KTM Tracker by Roland Sands

KTM Tracker by Roland Sands

Get Drunk on Saturday Night Live

This comedy sketch show isn’t slowing down a bit after 39 seasons. Saturday Night Live has millions of viewers each week and an unending stream of celebrity guests. It remains our go-to show for a laugh.

From Molly Shannon to Amy Poehler, Dana Carvey to Will Ferrell, the characters on SNL are hilarious and eternally quotable. Time to turn that comedy gold into a boozy, side-splitting drinking game! Whether you’re watching reruns from the 70s or are just getting ready for next season with a stream of your favorite clips (drunk uncle, anyone?), here are a few rules to keep your game fun and, of course, well-lubricated.

Ready… Set… Take a drink every time…


1. The host or a cast member breaks character.

2. Drunk Uncle makes an appearance.

3. There’s a celeb guest appearance (one drink per celeb, not including the host).

4. Someone speaks with an accent.

5. There’s a fake commercial (drink twice if you’d actually buy the product).

6. Someone portrays the President or Vice President (or any politician, really).

7. Justin Timberlake makes an appearance (or anytime he’s portrayed by another cast member).

Moto Puro Ducati Elite II

Moto Puro Ducati Elite II

Mule Shows the Potential Hidden in the Sportster – The master works his magic and makes it look easy

Original article from: -

Original article from: - Here's an orange and black Sportster headed to Michigan, the "Michigan Mafia." It started out as a bike I was building for myself. A 1995 Sportster frame with an 02 Buell M-2 Cyclone motor. We did quite a few mods to the frame, moving the shocks forward about 6” and […]

Partner Tip | The (Bison) Grass is Indeed Greener

Camping. BBQs. Sunglasses.

Summer is now, and these traditional summer icons have a new compatriot: the delicious combination of ZU Bison Grass Vodka (Żubrówka) and domestic hard cider.

Bartenders and consumers across the U.S. have been falling for the unique flavor and craftsmanship of ZU, the legendary bison grass vodka, first created over 600 years ago in Poland. And in a very American twist on the traditional Polish combination of ZU with apple juice—called the Szarlotka—some of the country’s best bartenders are using hard ciders in their ZU Bison Grass Vodka cocktails. The results are knockouts. “These cocktails are great twists on the classic Szarlotka,” says Daniel Undhammar, ZU’s Global Brand Ambassador. “They’re all delicious, refreshing and perfect for the summer.”


The Grassland Wallow

An all-in-one-glass cocktail with a touch of white vermouth and fresh lime juice, from Brian Means, one of San Francisco’s top bartenders. Your summer parties just got thirstier. Get the recipe.

The Mary Mac

The botanicals of Pimms No.1 play ping-pong with the notes of vanilla and coconut from ZU Bison Grass Vodka, complemented by the hard cider and hit of fresh lemon in this refreshing highball cocktail. Get the recipe, created by Rob Ferrara, one of Miami’s top bartenders.

Thirsty for more? Check out the recipes for two more perfectly summery ZU-and-cider cocktails.


1949 Chevy Suburban Wheel Swap

I had the red artillery wheels swapped for 16" OG steel wheels and 1954 Chevy Truck Accessory hub caps.  The first picture isn't the greatest as the whitewalls needed cleaning at that point but I'm happy with the results!  In the first picture you see the undersized 350-16 white walls that were swapped out for the stock sized 600-16 Firestones.

Art’s 1954 Chevy Trokita