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Moving a ridiculous amount of furniture and stuff around. Drinking cider, Eating roast dinners, Quorn burgers, White chocolate and strawberry muffins, Walking dog, Watching movies… all that is planned so far.

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Honda CB350 Café Racer Specifications and Pictures

Honda CB350 Café Racer Specifications and Pictures

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer is built by Ivan De Be, who works as a school teacher in Westerlo, Belgium. The basis for the project he used motorcycle Honda CB400 1976, equipped with an engine from a motorcycle Honda CB350 1972. Worth noting that this bike is the first project of Ivan, so it is fully satisfied with the result.

Details of Honda CB350 cafe racer:

  • Front suspension Paioli Forks from an unknown Yamaha motorcycle
  • Wheel: 3-spoke wheels with new Yamaha TZR250 + Kit
  • Brakes Brembo: 4-piston calipers in the front, 2-piston rear
  • Fuel tank: redone, dents under your knees are made with a hammer
  • Paint tank and tail: handmade
  • Exhaust: Supertrapp silencer
  • Clip-on: Gilles Tooling
  • Tidy: only tachometer
  • Engine: moved, new bearings, seals, chains, new pistons, new ignition
  • Carbs: Keihin CR26

Honda CB350 Café Racer Front Wheel

Honda CB350 Café Racer Meter

Honda CB350 Café Racer back light

Honda CB350 Café Racer engine

Honda CB350 Café Racer front light

Victory Outreach for Christ – East LA – 1976 & 1981

1936 Knuckle

Judge Irvin Taplin on a motorcycle, Los Angeles, 1936.

Santa Monica Pioneer Days – 1930

Photo of the June 1930 Santa Monica Pioneer Days celebration and parade, to commemorate pioneers who came to California by covered wagon in 1830.  This photos shows a parade participant in a western outfit lassoing from his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Matt Staydohar’s – 1950 Chevy Panel Truck

Flamingos M.C. – East LA – 1952

Ed Soto, now a Montebello resident, proudly showed off a 1952 picture of himself riding a motorcycle along the back streets of East Los Angeles.
"I used to be the member of a Mexican-American motorcycle club called the Flamingos," Soto said. "We were the first Mexican-American motorcycle club to be recognized by the American Motorcycle Assn."

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