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Mint Simple Syrup

This garden-fresh simple syrup recipe will add a refreshing hit of mint to your favorite cocktails.

Basil Simple Syrup

This garden-fresh simple syrup recipe will add a hint of basil to your favorite cocktails.


This is what motorcycling in NYC is all about…
@upforadventuress @upforadventuress
@upforadventuress @upforadventuress

Two years ago, we carried #upforadventure, Stan Evans’ story of his 4,000-mile ride across the Unites States on a Triumph Speed Triple. Written by Stan himself, this was, we believe, one of the best-ever travel stories published on Faster and Faster. ” A few years ago I did a video and photo-essay called #upforadventure I didn’t really think of it much at the time. It just happened to be a short documentary of my motorcycle vacation but it resonated with people and I kept getting questions of when I would do another. Shortly there after I moved to NYC and I was amazed by the different style of motorcycle riding here. Everything is on a grid, stop and go is the norm and I rarely ride at over 30 mph. With that being said, it is still an intense experience so I wanted to tap into that world,” says Stan.

And tapping into that world he is, with @UPFORADVENTURESS. So what is this all about? “@UPFORADVENTURESS is simply being up for whatever, whenever, with whomever. People sometimes are so afraid of the unknown that they get handicapped. I wanted to open the door to the idea of adapting to whatever comes my way and embracing the accidents that transpire along the way. On road trips, things happen, you may have to put your trust in a person you just met. When it works out, it restores our faith in humanity,” says Stan. “From a motorcycle point of view, I wanted to showcase a different riding experience – 99% of photos and videos feature a male rider, in sweeping turns, at sunset. It’s a hard question to ask ‘do I need to tell another story like that?’ and realizing the answer is probably not, but that opened the door to what could be explored. I wanted to break away from conventional, not by being drastic but in subtleties,” he adds.

While Stan had used a Speed Triple for #upforadventure, he’s gone with a Triumph Bonneville for @UPFORADVENTURESS. “It’s lower to the ground and good fit for female riders. It’s a pretty utilitarian bike – simple, works well, looks good and is easily customizable. I shot most of the video on a Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II but there is the occasional gopro shot from the DJ phantom and a few walk-around shots with the Movi 10. One of my main goals was to keep it simple and that you don’t need a Hollywood budget to tell a fun story. I shot a few of the POV shots with 5D, chest harness and a 40mm pancake lens because it has better low light capabilities and I wanted to get different perspective than ultra wide gopro. It’s still super shaky, so you have stabilize it with one hand while riding, which is tricky riding across a bridge at night. I don’t recommend it! For stills, I used a 1DX and Mark III I mixed some on camera flash along with the Profoto B4. On some images I cranked the ISO and shot in available light to get more of a gritty city feel,” says Stan. “The bar scenes were shot during club hours. It was just Emma and I. The fact that they were having a Drag Queen Burlesque show while we were filming definitely made things interesting and crowded,” he adds.
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