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Cafe Racer Mag to Sponsor Builder Show and Track Day at Road Atlanta

Get ready to “do the ton” as Cafe Racer Magazine, the custom motorcycle mag for lovers of all things fast, sleek and powerful, brings its world-renowned custom bike show to the Big Kahuna Atlanta, scheduled for the weekend of April 20 – 22, 2012 at Braselton, Ga.’s Road Atlanta. The Cafe Racer Magazine Custom Bike […]

Mongol Motorcycle Gang Member Found Guilty of Killing Hells Angels SF Chaper President

A member of the Mongols motorcycle gang was found guilty and could face life in prison for murdering the San Francisco chapter president of the Hells Angels. Christopher Bryan Ablett, also known as “Stoney,” was convicted this week of multiple felonies which include murder in the aid of racketeering, by a federal jury in San […]

Ariel Leader Bike Find of the Day

The Ariel Leader was an attempt by the British motorcycle manufacturer to take on the popularity of the Lambretta. Ariel hoped that they could make a bike reminiscent of a scooter but which featured “motorcycle” performance characteristics. The Leader was designed by Val Page and Bernard Knight, and for the times, it represented a new […]

Harley Davidson To Bring On Non-Union Workers in April

Harley-Davidson Inc says it’s on the verge of adding non-unionized contract workers at facilities in Wisconsin due to new labor contracts that take effect in April, and the Milwaukee motorcycle maker revealed in a federal filing on Thursday that it expects to have 325 fewer unionized full-time employees in Wisconsin as of April. The changes […]

You Got Problems When Your Motorcycle Is Laying Down

There are a whole raft of ways you can find yourself next to a motorcycle laying on the ground, and most of them are just plain bad news. So what do you do about it? One thing’s for sure, you don’t have to be an Olympic weightlifter to make it happen you just have to […]

Win A Free Motorcycle Trailer And Get Your Bikes From Here to There

I can already feel it; winter is on the way out and it’s nearly time to think about riding and traveling with your stable of motorcycles. If you’re a dirt biker, you need to get your machines out to the wild. A custom builder? You’ll need to make sure those beautiful creations get to all […]

Motorcycle Time Travel With Classified Moto

The Future of Custom Motorcycles? Indeed…and as an aside, I once rocked the muttonchops back in the day.  I miss them. My wife recently vetoed my desire to grow out my mustache, procure some wax and go for the old-school handlebar look. I was saddened by her lack of aesthetic appreciation, but as I’m determined […]

Detroit, Motorcycles and the MC5

Last Friday Michael Davis (the bassist of the seminal band the MC5) died. One of the most scintillating acts to ever take a Rock’n’Roll stage, the MC5′s Detroit performances in the late 60s are legend and their music became an anthemic soundtrack to bikers, at least in my home state of Michigan. Their debut album, […]

A Historical Timeline of the Harley Davidson Motor Company

1901 William S. Harley, at age 21, finishes a blueprint for an engine designed to fit a bicycle. 1903 Harley and Arthur Davidson build the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1903. It features a a 116cc engine working from a 10 x 15-foot shed on Chestnut Street in Milwaukee. That’s still the address of Harley-Davidson’s […]

This Is Your Brain on a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle every day might actually keep your brain functioning at peak condition, or so says a study conducted by the University of Tokyo. The study demonstrated that riders between the age of 40 and 50 were shown to improve their levels of cognitive functioning, compared to a control group, after riding their motorcycles  […]