Virago Custom by Greg Hageman

Yamaha could have done then what Greg Hageman does now, but then it wouldn’t be special, would it? They produced the Virago, a nice looking engine hidden in a Japanese cruiser, somewhat popular at the time, but leaving things like this to the imagination of builders yet to come. Most of you have seen Doc’s […]

Ilmor V4 800cc MotoGP Engine

Ilmor Engineering is one of those companies you always hear about in racing circles, designing all sorts of exotic racing engines and back in 2007 they decided to put together an engine for the then new 800cc MotoGP rules after the phase out of the two strokes. While researching an article about ICEngineWorks for HorsePowerSports, […]

1948 Vincent Series B Rapide Very Low Mileage Rebuild Offered

If the invitation says “black tie” and you still insist on riding, this would be a great choice, a 1948 Vincent Series B Rapide that has all the right stuff and presents itself very well. If modern motorcycles leave you wanting something more, let your eyes wander over the lines and curves of of a […]

Q-Tec USA Importing Harley Davidson Reverse Trike Conversion

We’ve previously written about the Q-Tec Engineering kits for Harley Davidsons that convert the Milwaukee iron into either trikes or quads and I thought they looked like a very well engineered product. A very nice feature is the whole conversion is removable, you can return the bike to its original configuration should the need arise. […]

Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo Cafe Racer

This is nice! We’ve written up GT750s before, they’re not as sought after as the old Kawasaki triples, but with rebuilds like this one, that may change. They look good in stock form and like any two stroke, they have impressive power. This one, though, is a resto-mod into cafe racer that looks better than […]

Dan Gurney Patents Moment Cancelling Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine

Dan Gurney, legendary racer, the man behind All American Racers and designer of the Gurney Alligator recumbent motorcycle, was just issued a patent for a new engine design. It’s an upright parallel twin with counter rotating cranks called the “Moment Cancelling 4 Stroke.” It’s initially aimed at motorcycles, though he suggests it could be used […]

How About a Nice Lazareth Triazuma for Your Morning Commute?

Ludovic Lazareth has been turning out some fascinating custom builds for many years and the Triazuma you see here is well known. It’s a reverse trike with power courtesy of a Yamaha R1 engine. It looks just plain brutal and sure to get you grinning when you’re not wide eyed with terror as you try […]

Welding Can Be Common and Welding Can Be Art

Welding may be common, but the welder doesn’t have to be. How you approach your work makes all the difference. You can be that guy watching the clock, putting in the time and collecting a check, or you can set a higher standard. Scott Raabe is one of the other guys, he takes his work […]

Eisenberg V8 Motorcycle from the MADMAX Team at Maxicorp Autosports

Zef Eisenberg who runs Maxicorp Autosports on the island of Guernsey has been building some really high performance, outside the box machinery. Their turbine bike is impressive, to say the least, but how about a nice little V8 designed especially for motorcycles? Sure, why not? He preferred a flatplane crank, which eliminates the rumble many […]

Is Project 156 the Beginning of an American Sportbike That Survives?

The new Cycle World magazine has a cover story about Victory’s Project 156. The project is a combination of a prototype Victory 1300cc liquid cooled V-Twin racing engine, a race bike built by Roland Sands to put the power to ground, plus Cycle World staffer/racer Don Canet to ride it in the Pikes Peak hill […]