Royal Enfield 350: A Classic One


In the light of the new inventions of the super bikes, the legends like Enfield are forgotten. The real rider still admires the beauty and grace of such classics. Like all the vintage bikes Enfield is also known to be one of the best bikes that you can customize according to your ideas. A long wheel base and bigger tires provide increased stability and road grip, making it ideal for long distance travel. Its aristocratic black & gold livery and thumping engine beat gives goose bumps.


Few things are little ironic about this vintage bike that no one knows it’s actual manufacturing year. It appears on the road with number plate of year 1955, but there is no paperwork before 1973. So, officially it appears with the manufacturing year as 1973. It has a wide capacity of getting customize so most of the riders did their work to make it look like a huge ride on the road.


It has single cylinder, 4 stroke, Twin spark type of engine. This ride got a compression ratio of 8.5;1. Maximum power of 19.8 hp @ 5250 rpm and got a maximum torque of 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm with transistorized coil ignition system. It has a gearbox of 5 speed constant mesh and fuel capacity of 13.5 Ltr. It has telescopic, 35 mm forks, 130mm travel front suspension and twin shock absorbents with 5-step adjustable p reload, 80 mm travel rear suspension. This giant weighs 180 kg with 90% fuel and oil.


Its not a bike, its beast. It doesn’t make a sound, it roars. It’s not for commuting, it’s for conquering. And when you touch that attitude, you know what it takes to live the life quarter mile at a time. Keys, toolkit, a dozen T-shirts, a pair of pants, a backpack is all you need to go on with life on road. Don’t forget to include this one before you hit the road. It can make the journey memorable. Good things about the classics like this is that they can bear the pressure of the long journey and hot roads. It really is an excellent suggestion if you are looking for a ride with a classic touch.



It does not possess the power of modern age bikes that is for sure but somehow it feels like you have gone back in time and it can give you the fun riding of a life time and the sound of the single cylinder thumping along always makes you smile. It gives confidence and comfort to the rider and adds up the factor of being a part of old times.


This bullet 350 has a great capacity of new customs and it did really evolve all these years. In this modern age it has come up with few technical developments like an incredible fuel economy of 85 mpg and built to meet Euro III and California emissions standards. Despite all these changes, the good thing about this ride is that it is still coming in the same old classic design that actually attracts the riders to buy this exceptional piece.



Order Your New Musket V-Twin Available Now – If you’ve been waiting, wait no more

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Original article from: - Of all of the projects we've seen come and go on The Kneeslider, the Musket V-Twin by Aniket Vardhan is special. It first appeared here in April of 2009 and over the years it's evolved and grown and been refined by Aniket into the beauty it is today. Of course […]

10 Best Motorcycle Events For Bikers

1. Biketoberfest

Right when the summer is on the edge and everyone is looking forward to winter, an exciting event come along for the bikers. This event is organized in October that’s how the name came up. Event location is Daytona Beach, Florida. An international award winning motorcycle festival that offers participants an extended weekend get-away brimming with plenty of sun, beaches, bikes and fun.


2. AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

The American Motorcyclist Association Vintage Motorcycle Days events draws a broad crowd of vintage bike enthusiast. It is held every summer at the Mid-Ohio sports car course. It attracts many people vintage bike riders and old time legends.

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

3. American International Motorcycle Expo

American international motorcycle expo include distributors, parts and accessories manufacturers, dealers, consumers, and the media. All major motorcycling clubs come together to celebrate the motorcycling lifestyle. Event’s location is Orlando, Florida.

American International Motorcycle Expo

4. Cannonball Bike Run

It is a whole week of fun for the motorcyclists. It is celebration of hooliganism and reckless riding, definitely not for the faint of heart people. Bikers from all over the world participates in this daring event.

Cannonball Bike Run

5. Angel City Fall Rally

It is one of the biggest event in motorcycling history. It is a long rally and has a lot of entertainment for the people. This season’s rally will start from October, 22 2014 and will continue till October, 26 2014. Rally location is Angel city, Unadilla, Georgia. It will contain bike games, bike show, bike ride, live music, wet t-shirt contest and burn out pit.

Angel City Fall Rally

6. Legend of the Motorcycle

It is held every year on the greens of Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. It is a vintage contest. This event is limited to bikes pre-dating 1976.

Legend of the Motorcycle

7. Love Ride

It is an annual event originates in Glendale, California. They raises money for the charity organizations. This year’s event will be at Castaic Lake, California. Starting date of the event is October 25 2014. It will be a Great day of Great Bands, Tons of Vendors, Vendors, Food, Entertainment and Prizes.

Love Ride

8. Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction

This event takes place every year at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio, guarantees a rare confluence of living motorcycling legends.

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction

9. Bama Bike Fest Fall Motorcycle Rally

It is the Deep South’s wildest motorcycle event. It includes live bands, Wet T-shirt Contest, Bike Games, People Games and a lot more. This event is also coming this month on October 23 2014. Event’s location is Fork land, ALABAMA.

 Bama Bike Fest Fall Motorcycle Rally

10. Lone Star Rally 

One of the biggest bike parties in Texas and known as the largest weekend rally in the country. This rally truly is a fun for the enthusiast and life loving people. Lone star rally includes Live Music, Bike Shows, Contests, Rides, Vendors, Military Tributes and much more. This year’s rally is starting from November 6, 2014 and will end on November 9, 2014. Rally’s location is Galveston, TEXAS.

Lone Star Rally

2015 Bienville Legacy hits one out of the park

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The Bienville Legacy is powered by the 185bhp Motus V4, and a 300bhp racing version will also be available later!

Bienville Studios, a design and engineering shop based in New Orleans, in the US, which specialises in motorcycle innovation, has unveiled its brand-new motorcycle – the Bienville Legacy – which was commissioned by the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative (ADMCi). “This work completes two years of active design and fabrication, on the heels of over eight years of planning and design exploration. The result is an entirely new vehicle, reinventing how motorcycles function from the ground up,” says a press note from Bienville.

Designed by JT Nesbitt (best known for his design work for the Confederate Wraith, and G2 Hellcat), the Bienville Legacy features styling cues that seem to come from the American Wild West, mixed with 1930s sci-fi. Yeah, well. The girder-type front fork works as the design’s centrepiece and all parts seem to be beautifully machined. “I’ve waited a long time to make a design statement like this and I’m proud to be doing it in partnership with ADMCi,” says Nesbitt. “As our first commission, it was crucial that the master-craftsman we engaged hit it out of the park,” adds Jim Jacoby, Founder and CEO, ADMCi.

The Bienville Legacy is powered by a V4 engine – the made-in-America Motus MV4R. While this engine produces 185 horsepower in stock, normally aspirated form, Bienville also plan to offer a “racing” version of the Legacy, which will get a supercharged, 300bhp version of the Motus V4. The chassis, made of chrome-molybdenum tubing, uses the V4 as a stressed member and the bike rides on 17-inch carbon composite wheels.
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Aktion T4 – Gnadentod

Charitable Foundation for Curative and Institutional Care

“60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read A New People, the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP.”

3 Spooky Ice Creations for Halloween Cocktails

Got your Halloween bash planned down to the last motion-activated mummy? Great, but what about ice for that bubbling cauldron of witches’ brew? Boring bagged ice is a buzzkill. Don’t despair: There’s still time to freeze a trio of spooky cubes for filling your punch bowl.

These bewitching ice creations don’t require fancy tools or sinisterly-shaped ice trays. A few drops of black food coloring, a beaker of blood-hued juice and an oversized edible eyeball are easy to prep and will give your guests—and their drinks—the chills as the night creeps on.

Cubes fit for a cannibal’s cocktail. 


Do you prefer your bloody libations O positive or B negative? Blood orange juice serves as an uncanny substitute for the real thing in these devilish “blood” and cream cocktail cubes. Pair them with the citrus- and Aperol-spiked Boat House Punch and watch as they melt into eerie red oblivion.

Blood & Cream Cubes


  • Blood orange juice (or pomegranate juice)
  • Coconut milk (or half and half)


Fill an ice cube tray with blood orange juice until half of the way full. Freeze until the liquid is mostly solid, then pour in coconut milk until full. (A little co-mingling of the blood and cream layers is fine). Freeze again until complete solid.

Beware the icy fingers floating in your direction. 


Stand back: Ghoulish grabbers reach out for you from the punch bowl, bobbing just below the murky surface. Float the ink-black appendages in spiced Jack-o-Lantern Punch, a fitting partner for wicked drinking deeds.

Black Ice Hands


  • 2 powder-free latex gloves
  • Black food coloring


Fill each glove with water to the wrist, then drop in 3-4 drops of black food coloring and shake glove to disperse the dye. Once the water turns black, tie each glove off tightly and place in the freezer. After the gloves are fully frozen, carefully cut them away from the ice with a pair of sharp scissors.

This oversized peeper looks best floating in a dark crimson potion. 


Nothing screams Halloween like a cycloptic punch bowl. Serve this king-sized evil eye inside the double rum–based Rainbow Planter’s Punch and toast to a party well-spooked.

Eyeball Punch Ring


  • Glass bowl (1 quart)
  • Kiwi
  • Black gumdrop (or black jellybean)
  • Pineapple ring
  • Thin red licorice strings


Slice a thin round of kiwi and cut out the white middle portion. Slice the top off of a black gumdrop and place it in the center of the kiwi as the pupil. Place the kiwi in the bottom of the bowl and layer a pineapple ring over it. Cut thin slits around the edge of the pineapple ring and fit three to five thin licorice strings inside them, running the licorice up the sides of the bowl and draping over the edge.

Place the bowl carefully in the freezer and gently fill with 1/3 inch of water, just enough to reach the middle of the pineapple. Place a small weighted bowl on top of the pineapple to keep the fruit in place. Freeze for 25 minutes and then add more water to nearly the top of the small weighted bowl, being careful not to displace the licorice strings around the sides. Freeze for several hours until solid.

Remove the small bowl from the middle of the ice ring and fill in the remaining hole with water. Freeze again until solid. To remove the ice ring, run the bottom of the bowl under warm water until the ice slides out.

Dust off your party equipment. Start stocking the bar. Call—or text—your pals: It’s Party Season, the perfect time of year to show off your well-honed hosting skills and bring all your favorite people together.

10 Of The Greatest So Far Motorcycles by Suzuki

10 motorcycles by Suzuki that every rider should experience. This list includes few famous sports bikes from Suzuki.

Suzuki B-king

10. Suzuki B-king

It’s an amazing ride with the production of 181 horse powers. It is designed beautifully, a comfortable sports bike. It’s a fast bike with very nice braking system. Provide excellent lean angle and stability in cornering.

Suzuki SV650

9. Suzuki SV 650

It was produced in 1999 by Suzuki. It has a sports bike engine in its heart and styling of this bike is awesome. It has a medium sized liquid cooled DOHCV-twin engine that gives power of 70 hp. It gives mid-range torque and is an economical ride. Price of this sports bike is $7,938.

 Suzuki GSF650 Bandit

8. Suzuki GSF650 Bandit

This super-fast ride possesses DOHC inline four with 16 valves engine in its heart and a SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) combined with air cooling and oil cooling. It has an adjustable seat height which is always good from the rider’s point of view. It provides amazingly effortless overtaking by the smooth work of its engine.

 Suzuki GSX R750

7. Suzuki GSX R750

It has the smoothest engine among all the Suzuki motorcycles. It provides the power of 133 hp with 600 cc and only weighs 163 kg. It is an awesome sports bike with many great features filled with modern technology.

Suzuki RF900 R

6. Suzuki RF900 R

Suzuki always produces reliable motorcycles and this RF900 R is very reliable and smooth runner on the road. It can touch up to 160 mph and possesses 125 hp in the heart. More importantly, this ride is very economical with excellent fuel efficiency.

Suzuki DL 1000 V-storm GT

5. Suzuki DL 1000 V-storm GT

It’s a 1000 cc dual support motorcycle and possesses V-twin engine in its heart. It has a good fuel capacity and efficiency and does not require refueling less than 150 miles. Low seat height makes it good sports bike. Price of the ride is $11,218.

 Suzuki GSX R1000

4. Suzuki GSX R1000

This stylish motorcycle has a bullet proof engine that give out 145 horse power. The GSX R1100 came before this model but this ride is way too lighter and faster.

Suzuki GSF 1200

3. Suzuki GSF 1200

It has an amazing power in its heart. It has 1157cc, 4 cylinder, air/oil cooled DOHC 16 valve engine that works efficiently to provide smooth ride. It features the GSX R engine which is known among the best engines by Suzuki. It provide great lean angle and good control on the twisty roads.

Suzuki GSX-1300 Hayabusa

2. Suzuki GSX-1300 Hayabusa

It is a big superbike with the comfortable seat position and long wheelbase. It has smooth power delivery on the road. This awesome machine can easily reach up to 190 mph. It has beautiful styling and gives high performance and possess excellent finishing quality.

Suzuki GSX 1400

1. Suzuki GSX 1400

It is a smooth ride with 1400 cc engine and powered with all the modern technology. It has a 22 liter fuel tank and can provide 250-300 km touring. Very friendly touring motorcycle and its engine has the most low down torque. Price of the ride is $9,800.

Jason Anderson Rides the Husqvarna (Video by Racer X Films)

Jason Anderson Rides the Husqvarna

After winning the world championship 250SX West Region in 2014, Jason Anderson signed a contract with the team Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna and continue his career in the category of 450 cm3. Guys “Racer X Films” caught Mr. Jason in camera when he was talking about the move with his new trainer Aldon Baker and much more.

Beautiful New Harley Lawwill Street Tracker by Bob Netherton – You don’t need to be radical to stand out

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Original article from: - This is a very clean street tracker, built by Bob Netherton, and it isn't until you take a closer look that you realize what a nice job he did here. Twin carbs on the right, exhaust on the left, it looks perfect. Bob was a big fan of bikes sliding […]